Do Negative Thoughts Create Karma?


Dear Parvitiji!

Thank you for your answer on suffering and sensitivity.

In one of your questions on whether bad thoughts are as good as bad actions, I read your answer. There have been times when I got harmful thoughts towards people who have ill-treated me. However, I didn’t harm them in reality and controlled myself even when I had the means to harm them, for fear of incurring bad karma. Will that negative thought still be counted in my account? If yes, will prayer and apology from God help?

—Mona, India


If our intention is to harm someone, even in thought, then it creates a pattern of energy within us. This is how we create karma. It is these patterns of energy that build within us as we repeat such thoughts or actions. So the answer to your question is, yes, we do create karma even by having the thought to harm someone else, and even if we don’t complete the thought with an outward action.

What can we do to begin to resolve our karma? First of all, we need to do what you have begun doing, and that is to refrain from outward, harmful actions. At the same time, we need to also work with the mind and thoughts. This can be done most effectively through meditation. I would suggest that you learn to meditate by taking a meditation class with Ananda, if there is a center near you (check our website to see locations — ). By establishing a meditation practice you can begin to work in a positive way with your own energy and consciousness. Meditation works with our karma at its source and begins to lift our energy out of negative and harmful thoughts.

Good luck with all you are doing. May the blessings of the masters be with you in your efforts!