Do We Each Create Our Own Universe?


If I am all universe or solar system then another person feels same, so each one is carrying a separate universe, so concept of each one is everything i false? If there is supreme existence then why these states of world, dreams etc are made by supreme existence again and again. Doesn’t he get tired doing it every day and night? If he does then is there something else who has made supreme existence to do these jobs regularly?

—Santosh Singh, India


Hi Santosh,

This is a question we have all asked at some time in our spiritual search. The only answer we find is to go deep in meditation and touch “that which is”. In the past we have spent most of our time in our mind. The mind will never have the answer. It says”yes, but” over and over. It will never be satisfied. Meditation is not a thought, it is a feeling. That is why Yogananda, when talking to the pundit, answered, Love God, to all of his question. Our mind is controlled by our past lives, our karma and our ego. That is why there appears to be some many realities. The Truth is One. I came across this quote from Yogananda recently, “From the time I met my Master there was a continuous, ever-increasing song of devotion for God in my being; an ever-swelling song. And when it reached the zenith, my song commingled with the song of the Spirit, and I realized I was beyond time and space, and future and past pictures I had seen were going back and forth in the eternal present, and I could not grieve any more about those that had gone but could only concentrate on the Eternal Present and be happy.” I hope this helps.