Does God exist?


Hello, I am a man of science and I firmly share the view of scientists that man is an organism that had evolved from another animal through the course of millions of years. My question is, did man create the concept of god as a mechanism to cope with lifes uncertanities? What is the evidence to suggest that god exists objectively? My fear is that God is just a delusion created in mans brain and that god can only be as real as our immagination can be! can you plase offer some insight into this?

—vinay, India


Hello Vinay,

I feel your deep desire for understanding, as well as your recognition that the answers you seek lie beyond the reach of the tools of modern science-the senses and intellect. Another tool is needed. Fortunately, you have it already, although perhaps it is not in a developed state. It is your intuition.

Intuitive perception is not a “hunch,” but a knowing that comes from beyond the senses, intellect, belief, reasoning, or merely being told. It is the only true certainty. All great acts of genius-in science, the arts, business, or any field-come from the intuitive level. Einstein, for example, leaned heavily upon it in his work. The theory of relativity came to him in a flash of intuitive insight, although it took years to be able to “prove” it to others via the intellect.

Intuitive perception is also the way that great saints of all spiritual traditions have gone beyond desire or belief into knowing the ultimate truth of their own existence, and knowing that God exists. And they applaud scientific inquiry into the existence of God, saying: “Yes, perform the experiment. Seek the highest reality. That is the only way you will ever know. And you will know.” You will not be able to prove it to others, but you will be able to prove it beyond any doubt to yourself.

How will you know that your own mind-with all its desires, beliefs, misconceptions, and imaginings-hasn’t simply deceived you into a deep conviction of God’s existence-a conviction that seems like knowing, but isn’t? One of Paramhansa Yogananda’s advanced disciples once asked that very question. Yoganandaji’s response was, “You will know, and you will know that you know.”

So don’t be content with mere beliefs, either for or against the existence of God. The true scientist tests the hypothesis by performing the experiment, and to do so, you must develop tools appropriate to the task. Learn to meditate, introspect deeply, and begin to explore-through your own developing intuition-the highest levels of your own being, where alone true certainty can be found. Until you have done that, you have only belief, and I know that, being “a man of science,” you will never be satisfied with that. Belief is useful if it motivates you to find answers, but it limits you if, in being satisfied with mere belief, you shun the exploration.

Those who have taken the experiment to its conclusion are in unanimity: God exists, and is not a mere psychological state, but the essence of all existence-and the essence of your existence. It is the eternal happiness and understanding that everyone craves. It is the only goal worth seeking, they say, for it is the only fulfillment that will last beyond the end of human life.

To begin your experiment, learn to meditate. You live in India, so you can easily begin through Ananda’s work in India-in person, ideally, but via the web if need be. Ananda USA also provides many avenues of support for your experiment. Please draw upon them. We are here to serve you.

May you find that which you seek.