Does Kriya Burn Up Samskaras?



How do we overcome the hidden Samskaras that are latent within us? They can be anything - Jealousy, Selfishness etc. Your conscious mind is absolutely sure that you don't have those characteristics, but they manifest themselves in certain situations.

I'm a Kriyaban from Ananda Sangha and Kriya Yoga is definately helped me control my mind and my lifeforce and its a blessing.

But I still wonder bout my hidden Samskaras.

Does Kriya "burn" them too!?

—Kamlesh Mallick, India


Indeed, that is one of the most wonderful benefits of Kriya. According to our line of Kriya masters, the practice of Kriya burns up many seeds of past karma, often before they even have the chance to make an appearance in our lives. Those ‘seeds’ are actually vrittis, or vortices of energy in the astral spine, which are borne of past actions, desires, thoughts, etc.

Samskaras, or tendencies like you describe, are typically based on past actions and the ensuing vortex of energy created by that action/thought/desire. Kriya practice helps to bring a very strong current of spiritual energy through the astral spine, helping to dissolve those vrittis, often before they manifest as tendencies that we can see in ourselves.

According to Swami Kriyananda, any deep spiritual exprience – of God as overwhelming bliss, light, love, etc. – has even more power to dissolve those past seeds of karma. Kriya is not mechanical in the way that it works, but when done deeply, and with a sense of deep devotion and awareness of Divine Grace, also has that same power to free us from past karmas and tendencies.