Dear freinds.

Nowadays, during meditation, I feel a big pressure inside my brain (it is like pulsation) togheter with I could say a sensation of electric shock, the sensation of electric shock is felt in my feet too, I try to relax to avoid those sensations but I can't and for this reason, I got fear and stop meditating. When i started doing those technics (six months ago) it did not happen. I ask you: Is It normal ? Is It the perception of energy flowing through my fisical body?

Thank you.

—Luiz Olavo, Brazil


Hello Luiz,

What you are experiencing is not the average person’s experience, but neither is it unique. Meditation and relaxation can indeed release the body’s subtle energy, resulting in a variety of sensations, your electric feeling during meditation being an example.

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Don’t fear what is happening. If it is merely an unusual sensation, not painful or unpleasant, then let it be. It will probably pass before long. However, if it is unpleasant, then stop meditating for a few days, perhaps even longer, and see if it goes away.
  2. Be sure that you are not holding tension in body or mind as you meditate. Tensions will detract from the meditation experience, and perhaps send it in an undesirable direction.
  3. I do not know what technique of meditation you practice, but if it is something that is more properly called a pranayama breathing technique, it might be best either to reduce your practice of it, or transition into a true meditation technique. Certain pranayama breathing techniques can easily be overdone, resulting in unpleasant energy experiences due to overloading your body’s subtle-energy circuits.
  4. Practice some asanas before you meditate, to get your energy flowing more freely. What you are experiencing may be caused by an energy blockage that could be released through asana practice. Ananda Yoga is excellent for this purpose, as well as to deepen your meditation.
  5. Keep God in mind as you meditate. Meditate with Him/Her, and pray to be shown how to meditate. If this experience continues, ask, “Is this right for me? Do I need to be doing something differently? You must take care of me. Show me the way.” Make your meditation an expression of sincerity and devotion.

I hope this helps.



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