Energization Exercises During Menstruation



Is it alright to do Energization exercises during Menstruation? Especially the stomach exercise? How about practicing Hang-sau, AUM meditation and Kriya Yoga during Menstruation?

I read in one of the Question and Answers section of your website, that Hatha Yoga has not been recommended by Master for his women disciples. Is there any specific reason for that?

—Sangeetha, India


Dear Sangeetha,

You can practice the Energization Exercises during menstruation, just do the abdominal exercises gently. You can also practice all the meditation techniques (Hong-Sau, Aum and Kriya) during menstruation.

To my knowledge, it is not that Yogananda recommended against Hatha Yoga for his women disciples. Perhaps he simply didn’t feel that they needed it, or at least, didn’t feel that they would benefit as much from Hatha Yoga practice as from meditation.

Nayaswami Diksha