Energization Exercises and physical impairments


Can the Energization Exercises be practised effectively by people who have balance problems or other physical mobility difficulties?

—Casey, England


The answer is, “Absolutely!” In fact, if practiced correctly and regularly, the Energization Exercises can improve physical functionality of many kinds, because they help one cultivate bodily awareness and control.

I’ve known people to gain significant benefits from practicing the exercises while confined to a hospital bed or wheelchair. Energization offers many more possibilities for the physically impaired than any other form of exercise I know, because they emphasize working with energy, not just the physical body.

One must, of course, do only what is appropriate for one’s own body. That means not inducing pain through the practice, for example, or creating higher levels of tension or movement than are appropriate for one’s physical condition.

But with that caveat, go for it – they can be very helpful. At the very least, they will boost your energy level. But they might also be remedial in some way. And beyond either of those lie the extensive spiritual benefits of Energization. It really is a marvelous system.