Energization Question



In Energization I find it that I can tense the muscles with more control than releasing them especially in exercise 20. Is this normal ? Also I tend to sweat while doing them? But I feel more relaxed after it that way.

Thanks for your advice.



—Cyril, Ireland


Dear Cyril,

What you’re experiencing is more the norm than an exception. Relaxing is simply subtler than tensing, and it takes practice to tune in to that process sensitively. Just be sure that you’re giving yourself the time to relax before you begin to tense the next body part.

As for sweating while doing them, that’s a good thing. Too many people don’t put enough energy into Energization, and they wonder why they don’t get much out of it! But when we put a lot of energy into it, we get more than we put into it – and yes, we might indeed work up a sweat. In fact, Paramhansa Yogananda said that, for good health, we should exercise to the point of perspiration twice each day. Sounds like you’re right on course! (This is not to say that only those who break a sweat are energizing correctly, because different people have different “sweat threshholds.”)

Blessings on your practice,