Energy, Magnetism, and Relationships


I’m struggling to understand if I have the right attitude. There was a man at work who tried to attract my attention and I would not give him any acknowledgement. I had no reason to speak him about any work related questions so I avoided even walking by his cubicle to prevent more occasions when he would try to force me to acknowledge him. I was forced to retire so the situation is resolved that way but after today’s webinar, I wonder if I am free of whatever caused the issue.

—Pat Wolff, USA


This is a very good question. From what you have described, I would say that it’s not as much about your attitude, as it is about understanding the workings of energy and magnetism. I would like to give you a little background on this subject before addressing your particular situation.

Many people today are not aware that they live in a world of energy. This energy is behind all matter and is the basis of all that we see around us; in fact, of all of creation. We as human beings, every cell of our bodies, are made of energy.

Because of this, it is important to understand how energy works. One example, especially as it relates to the question that you’ve asked, is what happens when energy, in the form of electricity, is passed through a wire. That electricity, in turn, creates a magnetic field around the wire. And this magnetic field draws more electricity to itself.

People are very much like that wire. They are made of energy which is also constantly passing through them. As that energy passes through, it creates a magnetic field around them. Depending on the person, and the amount of energy passing through them, this magnetic field can be either strong or weak. This field is sometimes referred to as the “aura” of a person. Although you may not be someone who can see auras, you may certainly feel the effect they have on you. Each person you meet will differ in the kind of magnetism they exude, and in the strength of that magnetism.

To return to your question, there exists an inherent magnetism between people. Most people are aware of it, but usually in a superficial way. For those who understand the principles of energy and magnetism, it is important to be aware of the kind of magnetism you direct outward to other people. I have found that when I meet someone who has a kind of magnetism that I don’t feel good about, I need to be very careful in how I relate to them. I don’t mean that I would necessarily be outwardly cold or aloof toward them. But I would be careful to not relate to them in a familiar way. I would try to keep things on a more impersonal level. In the workplace, this would most likely be seen as relating in a “professional” way.

The other very important thing to understand about magnetism is that when two people meet and interact with each other, whoever has the stronger magnetism will influence the other person. It’s simply the law of magnetism. This is why you may instinctively feel to avoid some people, such as you have done with the man at your work. It is tiring to have to do so, but very important to your own energy. It is especially important when you are engaging in the spiritual life and trying to live in a more uplifted way. This is why the concept of “satsang,” or fellowship with truth, is so emphasized on the spiritual path.

So to answer your question more directly, I would say that it is good to have experienced this situation. In this way you now have a direct understanding of how energy and magnetism work. And they are at work all the time! Sometimes leaving the situation is the answer. But when that is not possible, then it is important to be vigilant and strong in your own energy (as you have done), and to project this energy in an impersonal way. Familiarity is usually what people will project to open you up to their influence. If you don’t want that influence, then you need to keep your distance energetically.

When you are forced to project a positive and impersonal energy to someone, this also works in your favor magnetically. By doing this, you create a stronger magnetic field around you of that kind of energy. In most situations this will eventually be unappealing or unattractive to the other person, and they will not continue trying to engage you. But if they feel an opening, and that it’s a game you are playing with each other, then they may well persist.

If you would like to learn more about the influence of energy and magnetism in your life, I would recommend the book Awaken to Superconsciousness by Swami Kriyananda. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 focus on the subjects of both energy and magnetism.