Why Not Be an Evil Person?


It is said that good karma leads to a happy life. But the fact is it is tough to be good and easy to follow evil. Evil people live smooth lives but honest and nice turbulent lives. I am 40, try not to hurt anyone and be as honest as possible. My ex has broken innumerable hearts without regret, cunning but is leading a happy life today. He is charming and his wife is head over heals for him.There are people who have black money and are happy. My Dad was honest, but is ailing. So why shouldn’t I be dishonest?

—Jharna, India


Dear Jharna,

Yes, some people profit from bad behavior. They may have enough good karma to shield them, temporarily, from the consequences of their bad behavior. But sooner or later—perhaps not in this lifetime—the bad karma will catch up with them.

Bad behavior does not entail a risk; it entails a certainty of paying the price at a later date. Bad behavior also has a short-term drawback: You feel bad when doing it. True, some people are so dense that they block out that bad feeling for a time.

But for you even to be asking this question, Jharna, I know that you know that good behavior rewards you in the short term with a good feeling. And in time, good actions will bring that same good back to you. Choose the good. It’s the only option that makes sense for a person who wants to true happiness.