Evolving from animal to human level


How does a much loved pet jump to human form? Can it come all at once? From goose to human or must it be a much slower process?

—jennifer, usa


The animal level is the “last stop” before the soul incarnates on the human level. The route it takes through various animal forms may not be the same in all cases, but certainly insects, for example, are earlier in the sequence, whereas dogs and horses are more toward the end.

Where is a goose in this sequence? It’s difficult to say, and in any event, it’s not a purely mechanical, one-goose-is-the-same-as-another thing. As is true with all animals, their behavior shows that some geese are on higher rungs of the evolutionary ladder than are others.

One important factor can be close contact with humans. Swami Kriyananda has often said that animal evolution is quickened via the magnetic exchange that takes place through close contact with humans. If that close contact is infused with love, the magnetism will be even stronger, and the pace can be quickened even more.

Only a great master could say, in any given instance, whether a particular animal would make the jump to the human level in its next incarnation. But know this for certain: Your affection for your pet has been a blessing for that soul, because you helped quicken its evolutionary climb.