An experience with Shiva


Dear friends,

Something happened once while meditating and I don’t know what it means. First, it felt like I was somewhere not of the physical world. Second , I heard music and when I followed it I found someone under a tree near a river. When I was closer it looked like and I do have faith that it was Shiva. I listened and played from his instrument for a while then broke from meditation. I know some of this isn’t real but why show himself to me like that ? Was it an initiation?

—Dan, united states


Dear Dan,

Although I cannot say for certain whether it was an initiation, it was certainly a blessing. Take it as such, and offer your gratitude to Lord Shiva. This experience may be a sign that you are entering an important period in your spiritual life. Pray to Him for understanding and direction as you move ever closer to your Divine Goal.