Experiences as a New Meditator


Sir/mam,I have been practicing hong sau technique for almost last 1.5 months. I meditate twice a day. I feel strong electric current like sensation in my spine going from bottom to the top of head.Is this normal? Also i feel sensation on the upper part of the head and between the eye brows. Am i on the right track? Please guide me i am helpless.May god help us all. Thank you in advance.

—Arpit patel, India


Thank you Arpit for your question. It is wonderful that you are practicing meditation twice a day. It takes sensitivity to feel the energy in the spine and at the point between the eyebrows. Your awareness of this energy will help you to go deeper and even to meditate longer if you have the time. Your willingness to learn and understand is also a very helpful attitude for meditation practice and living life. Receptivity magnetizes experience. To feel “helpless,” on one level, is to feel a sense of true humility before God, but remember also that He is within you, and you can draw on His presence and guidance in regards to your practice. In fact, this is a good thing to do as it will help you to go deeper and continue to feel inspiration for the spiritual life.

Joy to you, Nayaswami Maria