Experiencing Kundalini Energy


I understand that after an extensive practice of deep meditation on the spiritual eye the kundalini begins to wake up and gradually raises up through the different chakras. Are there any signs or sensations on the physical body when the kundalini begins to wake up and go upward? Do you feel a tingling sensation or some kind of energy at the base of the spine? Anything different than the normal peace and joy?

—livehho, CR


Dear Friend,

Swami Kriyananda explains in this book “The Art and Science of Raja Yoga” that any positive feeling stimulates an upward movement of energy in the spine and can be considered a spark of kundalini rising.

It is useful for the aspiring yogi to pay attention to these feelings of upward movement as they attune us to an inner awareness that the source of our joy is within, not in outward circumstances or things.

Awareness of energy moving within is a beginning step toward controlling, increasing and directing that energy.

One pointed concentration upon the spiritual eye will center our awareness there – to create magnetism that uplifts energy from the base of the spine to the brain.

Typically, so long as our awareness remains centered in the physical body as evidenced by the breath, limited “awakenings” of kundalini will be fleeting. Energy tends to be drawn outward into the realm of ego, likes, and dislikes so long as the primary channels for life force are the ida and pingala.

But even so, stirrings of kundalini can sometimes be felt physically as sensations such as a “crawling” feeling in the spine, feelings of coolness and warmth, subtle feelings of energy movement or stimulation in the chakras.

These will be accompanied by inward joy, focus and calmness.

Your attention will often be magnetically pulled to the point between the eyebrows.

A surer indication of chakra awakening is the experience of the particular lnner lights and astral sounds heard and seen within. Seeing the spiritual eye is a good indication that you are headed in the right direction.

Don’t be distracted by the small manifestations you may encounter on your inward journey.

They can be positive if they give us encouragement but you will want to go deeper.

Calm concentration and devotional ardor will take you beyond the breath. Remember the saying, “Breathlessness is deathlessness.”

In this state, energy can begin its journey up the inner channels of the astral spine. Ego then temporarily relaxes its confining grip upon the kundalini and it begins to stir joyfully.

When this happens, there will be little room for doubts.