Experiencing Spirit


It is said that God is everywhere, so everything has life. What does it mean? Am I God in manifest form? Then where is parabrahma if parabrahma can not be sensed and is everywhere?

If the world is the embodiment of God, then the world must be multi-consciousness as human ego self, and life of man human is present. The parabrahma is in plants. Then plants must have their separate existence, I can not behold it. It appears too textual to me. I want to experience parabrahma.

—roby, india


Dear Roby,

Truly, it is challenging to have an objective-seeming experience of That which has become everything: not only humans, plants, planets and stars, but also ideas, emotions, desires, character qualities, and the very gunas. Everything has life/consciousness within it, because it is made of divine consciousness and nothing else. But individual consciousness can be anywhere within a vast spectrum of consciousness, from extremely bright (the saints) to extremely dim (the rocks).

The mind and senses are hopelessly incapable of perceiving Spirit behind and within any part of creation. Only the intuitive faculty can perceive Spirit, and to cultivate that faculty, meditation is essential. So also is the desire for God. You appear to have that desire, so if you are missing the meditation component, it’s time to fill the void. Since you are in India, here is the place to begin: AnandaIndia.org

I wish you all the best. Keep going and going until you experience the Infinite.