Fear of Bad Karma


Hello, I would be grateful for your guidance. My mom taught me to hate almost everyone since my early childhood. I grew up hearing stories of how badly my father had mistreated her. So, I grew up hating my father, and thus had mistreated him. Not until after my mother's death that my brother told me those were all fabricated stories. Since then I fear that in my next incarnation I will have to face serious bad karma such as being crippled. How do I get rid of this constant fear? Thank you. Kathy

—Kathy, US


Dear Kathy,

You have the karma to be born into the family you were born into. You were condtioned to hate by your mother as karma brought over from past incarnations and manifest again in this one.

At this time you have the opportunity to heal the hate you have acquired in this lifetime and previous ones by offering your sincere apologies to anyone you have treated in thought or action with hatred. If someone is no longer living in the body, pray to that soul and ask for forgiveness and let them know how sorry you are for your errors.

I observe by your email address you are a kriyaban. The highest way to mitigate karma is to offer yourself with complete devotion to God in your practice of kriya. The more you do this, the more you untangle all karma by realizing your oneness with all that is.

Fear is a magnet which attracts what you fear. Offer your fear to God in your kriya practice that it may be released with humble self offering and devotion.

Commit yourself to loving and ask God and the Master’s to teach you to love more perfectly.

Over time, if you do these things sincerely, you will find your true Self never hated anyone.

In Divine Friendship,