Swami Kriyananda Didn’t Mention the Plank Pose; Is It OK to Do?


My chiropractor suggested I do the plank pose every day to strengthen certain muscles. I do not see this pose in my Raja Yoga book. Did Swamiji not teach it? Also, how does a person know which of the many poses to do? I did yoga postures while at The Expanding Light retreat, but don’t include it in my routine. Should I?

—April Bryson, USA


Dear April,

Plank pose is one of many helpful poses that Swami Kriyananda didn’t include in The Art and Science of Raja Yoga, for the simple reason that one can write about only so many poses.

I suspect that your chiropractor has determined that certain of your so-called “core” muscles need to be strengthened in order to support your spine properly. I would say, follow his/her recommendation and see what happens.

As for how to know which poses to do in general, it’s best to work with a qualified yoga teacher who will take into account your overall goals, special considerations, and your chiropractor’s advice in order to develop a routine that is right for you.