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Hello friendly Ananda people,

Recently, during the day I feel a very negative uncomfortable pressure on my third eye. I practice Kriya and another technique called Surya given to me by my Guru.

What is this weird sensation?

—Jason, Beverly Hills


Dear Jason,

The most important source for answers, when we have unusual or challenging situations from our spiritual practices, is one’s Guru.

So that’s really where you need to go to answer this question, especially since you also are working with a technique given by him. That technique may need to be approached differently, for example, while going through the various things that happen in the course of one’s sadhana.

Speaking only very generally, pressure at the spiritual eye that feels uncomfortable or negative can be relieved in a couple of ways. One is to be sure that you aren’t concentrating there with tension.

There is a tendency for people to think that one goes through the spiritual eye, and into the light, by just concentrating more intensely. Try to feel instead that you are offering yourself, with devotion to God, at the spiritual eye.

That will help relax any tension there, but it will also help you to ‘see’ the spiritual eye more with intuition, than with physical concentration. Also try to consciously relax there, feeling any tension dissolving into the light.

You can also do a practice taught by Yogananda, which is to visualize the Guru at the spiritual eye, especially the Guru’s eyes. He recommended doing this practice during every meditation.

Both of these things will help to also release any negative energy, which is dissolved by the light and by the Guru.

Blessings and joy,