Free Will vs. Destiny


What is the difference between remaining Non attached and Unemotional and undutyful towards social/financial/professional obligations?

If the world is dream/movie and we are actors & GOD is director than why freewill is given to actors? How to differentiate GODWILL and FREEWILL.?

While meditating one has to concentrate at point between eyebrows or at spine various chakras one by one chanting AUM at each centre and energising it first lower to upper most and than uppermost to lowermost.

—Bhushan, India


Dear Bhushan,

Below is an answer given by Swami Kriyananda to a similar question asked recently at his Sunday Satsang in Los Angeles. We hope you find it helpful.


Ananda Sangha.

“Free will is to seek God or reject Him. Basically, it’s all the free will we have. True freedom is only found in God. When you live according to the spiritual law, you become freer and freer.”

-Swami Kriyananda. Listen to full answer, 14 minutes.