A question on synchronicity. 5 years ago I saw a guy I know from my High school. From that encounter I wrote my first ever book. One of the most exciting times in my life. Some months later I saw him, and kept seeing. However it became clear he wants nothing to do with me. I’m so confused, what is going on? Can anyone give me an answer please?

—victoria, Australia


Hello Victoria.

You ask an interesting question. Our connections with people are brought about by Karma. Actions in the past, even life-times ago, precipitate actions in this life. The fact that we are brought together with someone is not always a reflection of good karma. The forces of attraction are many.

For example, two people who dislike each other very much, who perhaps have had very difficult karma in the past with each other, can attract one another. And….this attraction can even wear the garb for a while of shared interests, shared experiences, shared love. Knowing this, we need to be very discriminative. We need to try to feel in the heart the energy and consciousness of the calm, objective observer. Not easy to do when emotions enter in and take over!

Being with another person, being close to another, should be viewed from the perspective of “what will help me to grow spiritually and learn the lessons in life that I need to learn, that I have come to learn.” If we are walking the path of growth and expansion, then we will be able as well to best serve others and be a true friend in the highest sense of the word.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria