Am I getting good results in meditation?


I have a doubt. May I use siddhasana for meditation? I have been using siddhasana for meditation for 12 years, with gayan mudra. I feel some heat between my eyebrows. Nowadays when I get Babaji's name in meditation, I am sitting one hour. Are these good results?

—Dhruv, India

Dear Dhruv,
Siddhasana (the “perfect pose”) is a very good asana for meditation. Swami Kriyananda referred to it as the classic pose Hatha Yoga. (He said the Padmasana — the “lotus pose” — is the classic pose of Raja Yoga.)
It is very good that you meditate for an hour each day. Congratulations.
You asked about “good results.” Please keep in mind that you can know the effects of your meditation practice only by whether you are growing more peaceful and happier inside. Sensations such as heat between the eyebrows might come, and they might go. But happiness and peace will grow as your life of meditation continues.
Blessings on your practice.
In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Gyandev