God and the Study of Law


Hi to everyone,

I am a student of law and I am writing to you to ask an advice.I consider law a particular subject because it is the instrument to improve our comunity, but it is a human instrument in my opinion! So I am sometime bored...How can I bring God in my studying?!

—Mattia, italy


One way to bring God into your studies would be to see how the laws you are studying are similar to the law of dharma, or right action.

Laws help in bringing order through structure to the world around us. The law of dharma is much more subtle than the laws you are studying, and yet, these laws do reflect the same purpose of bringing order out of chaos.

The laws of dharma are not punitive as so many of our present day laws are. Their goal is to direct people so that they eventually understand how to act in this world in harmony with the divine law.

I think that always looking behind the laws you are studying to their origin in the law of dharma would help. Perhaps asking the questions: Is this law helping to bring people into a better understanding of how to act harmoniously? Or has it simply been created to punish and suppress people?

By making this a daily practice, you may begin to see how God’s presence is reflected in all of creation, however imperfect that reflection might be.