How Do We Have Good Thoughts?


It is said that karma is the origin of our destiny, so we should do good karma, and thoughts are the origin of our karma, so we should learn to have good thoughts. But though we are forced to learn math, English, history and chemistry, we are not taught what are good thoughts, and how to have them. How do we have good thoughts and how do we know what is good or bad?

—Bina, Uk


Dear Bina,

In general, good thoughts bring feelings of love, peace, and harmony to the one experiencing them while not so good thoughts often promote the opposite experience.

If you’d like to understand in more detail about good or harmful thoughts and actions I suggest you read and study the Ananda Raja Yoga book, by Swami Kriyananda, which is the second course book in the Ananda course in Self Realization. Study especially Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas which Swamiji discusses with very useful examples.

Live your life according to dharma, right action, and you will surely be moving in the right direction. Where there is dharma, there is victory!

In Divine Friendship,