Head Position During Meditation


during meditation,my head is bending backwards and my face is towards the ceiling.should i resist it or is that a good sign?

—srividya, india


Dear Srividya,

This is a very common occurrance in meditation. The effort to gaze into the spiritual eye becomes so intense that the neck bends backwards as the head lifts up. The problem with this is that it creates tension in the back of the neck.

In order to create a strong upward flow of energy up the spine to the spiritual eye, you want to be relaxed and not creating pockets of tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, etc.

Try to begin to train yourself to keep the chin more parallel to the floor as you gaze into the spiritual eye, thus relieving the strain on the back of the neck. You will create a stronger flow of energy towards the spiritual eye this way.

Blessings and Joy,