Help with Friendship


Hi, I always find it hard to progress with friendships beyond the first initial contact. How do you earn people‘s respect, friendship, and caring attitude? How do you learn which people are worth your time and which are using you? Or which are jealous of you. I am considered an attractive female and extremely sensitive and shy. This combination always makes it hard for me to open up discussions or immerse myself in conversations where people don't ask me questions or I am asking all the questions etc.

—RN, nz


Dear one,

Our dear Swami Kriyananda, aka J. Donald Walters, wrote a wonderful little booklet called Secrets of Friendship.

My suggestions here are based on those “Secrets”.

First of all you must be a friend. You can do this by demanding nothing from others but instead showing appreciation. Don’t worry about getting friends to listen to you, actively listen to them. Take action when a friend needs help.

Next (very important) never belittle a friend’s enthusiasms. Hold kind thoughts even when there are misunderstandings. Be true to your word, your promises and commitments. Be respectful of the opinions of others even if you do not agree.

Last of all, try to feel God’s love behind the blessing of friendship and hold up the very highest in your friends. Try to see others as God sees you; with love.