Help with Meditation Practice


Sitting in the silence has always be a challenge. Indeed, a time where it was ever easy escapes my memory. Let’s say person can do 36 Kriyas with concentration and devotion but they usually sit for just a few moments before the AUM technique. What steps should they take when time is the object?



Dear MPG,

Meditation can be a challenge and I appreciate your difficulty with sitting in the silence. We are conditioned from birth to send our energy outward and to have multiple thoughts each moment. Fortunately, our line of self realized Masters have brought timeless techniques that are guaranteed to help us interiorize our consciousness and offer it upward into superconsciousness. Every successful meditator is challenged by intrusive thoughts, feelings and impulses especially when establishing a regular meditation practice.

The good news is the more you keep your meditation practice regular, vibrant and devotional with chanting and perhaps listening to Swamiji’s voice with a guided meditation CD, the more inward you are able to focus your energy and feel peace and bliss within yourself. The techniques are truly wonderful and at some point we begin to lose ourselves in the uplifted consciousness we feel and can suspend with techniques for that period of time.

I suggest when time is limited you practice only 14 kriyas and then practice Jyoti Mudra while gazing deeply at the point between the eyebrows. Feel the love in your heart and offer it to the Christ center there. Enjoy the peace you feel at the end of Jyoti Mudra and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the sound of AUM. All of your attention should be on listening to Aum and gazing at any light you see at the point between the eyebrows. This is communing with God and is very enjoyable.

A primary obstacle to meditation is tension and not allowing oneself to relax. The path to God is not a race or a competition, It’s primarily relaxing upward into the Light. Give yourself as much time as you enjoy your meditation practice and then extend it periodically to feel more immersed in the Light and sound of Aum.

It would also help very much to pray to Yoganandaji and ask him to show you how to meditate. Be very sincere in your prayer and tune in to his guidance.

God and the Master’s bless you in your practice of the Kriya techniques.