Why Such High Fees for a Seminar?


Hi. There is a spiritual teacher here who is an Ascended Master. She does meditations to try & help people ascend, but for a 3 hour seminar, it costs $125.00. I work with people who are very poor and often die from overdoses or suicide. I can see how much this type of teaching and meditation could help them, but it seems that the people who need this the most are the people least able to afford it. Why does an Ascended Master charge so much that these people cannot participate? .

—Lee, U.S.


Dear Lee,

We can’t know exactly what another person’s circumstances are, for we don’t see the entire picture. Certainly any teacher (ascended master or not) has to cover expenses and make a living, else s/he will not be able to share with others. If you really need to know what’s behind the $125 fee, I suggest that you ask her or her assistant, if she has one.