Hong-Sau vs. Other Mantras


I am currently following the path toward kriya intitiation and have been practicing the Hong-Sau technique daily. However, for me the mental chanting of Hong-Sau does not have the same peaceful energetic resonance for me as other mantras that I have used in the past. Om Namah Shivayah has always resonated with me.

Is there specific vibrations to Hong-Sau that make it more beneficial than other mantras, or would you recommend I use whichever mantra I personally resonate with?

—Jack Mason-Goodall, England


Dear Jack,

There are a few ways that you can look at this. One of them, as you allude to, is that “Hong-Sau” is a beej mantra, or seed mantra. That means that it works with sound and vibration on the most elemental level, with the specific effect of calming the mind. It also has a meaning, but that’s much less important than it’s vibratory effect. Practiced over time, it will have much more of that calming effect than other mantras.

Other mantras can be fine for specific effects. Many of them also express devotion to different aspects of God, including Shiva.

My answer would also be different depending on whether someone is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. If one is still “shopping” for a spiritual path or Guru, then it’s more appropriate to try different approaches, mantras, techniques, etc. When one is following one’s Guru, whoever that may be, then one should practice the techniques and teachings in the way the Guru gives them—rather than cobbling together different teachings.