Honoring Mothers on Mother’s Day


How can we truly honour mothers on Mother’s day as per Guruji’s guidelines?? Is there any way we can show our love and respect for them in group meditations? Can you suggest any way by which we all can meditate together in a group asking God to bless them? How is it done usually in Ananda group meditation centres?

—Annapurna, India


Dear Annapurna,

To my knowledge there is no official way to honor mothers on Mother’s Day per Guruji’s guidelines.

At our Ananda center over the weekend, we had a Divine Mother meditation for three hours to share inner communion with our Cosmic Mother. In addition, we will pray that all mothers be instruments of Divine Mother’s love to all. It is perfectly appropriate to use the healing prayer technique Master taught with all the mother’s in the group receiving special blessings and prayers from others at the meditation.

In Divine Friendship,