How Can I Develop Concentration?


Sir, when i study my mind think another thing like what i talk with people, what thing they say to me by this my mind divert but not totally some time think I control it again happen and happen and I have to give more input to study but get very less result. If I do 9 hour study its output is like 4 to 5 hour plz suggest me so I can prepare better.

—Deeapk Kumawat, india


Dear Deeapk,

Your challenges with keeping a focused mind on what you are doing may be overcome with steadfast practice of concentration techniques. Here is a link to some articles that may be useful under the topic of concentration. Be sure to read the one on how to develop concentration as well as others.

Some very important keys to overcoming difficulty with concentration are to keep practicing, never give up, and stay calm and relaxed inwardly while focusing your attention on what you are concentrating on.

In Divine Friendship,