How Much Did You Love?


Asha has talked about near death experiences.I have read some books on the subject.the repeating theme is christ asking, "did you love?"

how does one know? I love god the most. I pray gods love flow threw me. I assume my love falls short. any thoughts?

—jeff wells, alaska


That’s a very sincere and humble question, Jeff. However, it sounds as though you picture God with a measuring stick, judging whether you have met some divine minimum standard of love.

A healthier way to view it, I think, is simply to ask yourself whether you are expressing love in the best, most selfless way you can. If you are, then you are growing in love, which is exactly what God wants. And if you’re not expressing that way, well, then you know how you can do better.

God doesn’t ask perfection of us; He just asks that we do our best, given who we are at the time. And even that is not because God demands that we be “good enough.” It’s because He is eager for us to come home to Him, and He knows that expressing love ever more purely and abundantly is a sure way to do that.

So don’t worry about measuring up to some cosmic standard of love. Just keep loving – not just God, but also God in other people – and keep praying to be able to love even more.