How to deal with restlessness after meditation



I have observed that every time i get peace from meditation, i get equal time of opposite of peace; anxiety, pain.When i try not to speak and keep silence i observe again that after some time i have speak lot as if there is outburst of energy .what shall i do?

—Aditya, india/usa


Sometimes we try too hard during meditation, and with too much tension – to willfully force out restless thoughts, to stay silent when we want to talk, etc. It’s important when we meditate to be relaxed – and it is possible to relax with concentration and energy. When you practice meditation in that way, you’ll find that you can meditate longer, without tension and without having to repress the inclination to talk, or to be restless.

We also have to be careful not to just repress negative thoughts and attitudes. Instead, offer them to God in meditation.

Finally, when you get up from meditation, find a positive outlet for your energy. Take a walk, do something creative (such as writing or art). The restlessness or anger that you feel at times is only awakened energy that is trying to find expression. Divert it into positive channels and those negative expressions will gradually go away.