How to Forgive Others


I would like to know what does it mean to forgive and how can I do it. If a situation that may have as outcome what you have experienced what should I do. Thank you

—Mimoza , Canada


To forgive someone quite simply means to not identify their soul with their present human limitations nor even their bad actions. In other words we must separate the soul from what they do or have done, even if they are wrong. This does not mean that we are excusing their bad actions nor expressing indifference to them. Rather, that as God exercises great patience in our growth process, so must we, as his children, demonstrate patience and a non-judgemental attitude. This is not an easy thing to do. It takes an open heart, compassion, and understanding. Every soul, even if it doesn’t seem like it, is evolving and in this process of seeking perfection mistakes are made. Do we expect everyone to think as we do, always behave appropriately, and do the right thing in everything? This is not possible. To the extent that we can forgive, we give others the room to reflect, change, apologize and grow. In the end it is God who instructs us, revealing our mistakes through the universal law of karma and reincarnation. If forgiveness is difficult, ask God to help show you how you can find forgiveness in your heart. In certain applications, for safety sake, it would not be appropriate to do this on other than a mental level and at a distance. You can also pray for the person(s) involved that they be receptive to growth and a higher dharma. Many blessings, nayaswami maria