How to hit the right note


I am an aspiring singer. I put in a lot of hardwork for my music. In addition, during meditation, I use the prayer demand from the whispers of eternity which says " Every sound that I make let it have the vibration of Thy voice" to get the Lord's grace. Will it help? Also whenever I am not able to sing the right notes (and this happens often) I am completely devastated. It puts me off for an entire day. How can I detatch myself from the results and not expect too much ?Please help.


—Jaya, U.A.E


Dear Jaya – perhaps my article on The Sacred Art of Singing would help! I’ve written about how to tap into Divine Inspiration as you sing.

Our egos love to get in the way and make us feel poorly after making mistakes – don’t buy into it! Unlike skiing blunders, you haven’t hurt yourself or others, and the best way to improve is to allow yourself to make mistakes, but keep your aim ever high!

In joyful service, David