How to learn Kriya Yoga


Jai guru dev!

I am a beginer, just learn the book '' an auto biography of yogi''. I am very much impressed from the book.

I want to know more about kriya yoga. Please... help me.

—Bhupal Baral, Nepal


You can learn more about receiving Kriya Yoga through Ananda by going to Kriya Yoga at Ananda.

You can also contact an Ananda center near you to get started on the path of Kriya. We teach Kriya just as Paramhansa Yogananda taught it. This includes learning and practicing all the techniques that are part of Kriya Yoga practice. The final step of initiation into the Kriya technique can take place about one year after starting on the path of Kriya.

I would strongly encourage you to pursue the path of Kriya Yoga. I’ve seen extraordinary changes in people’s lives when they take up this path!