How to Meditate with Physical Problems


Because of my physical conditions now I can not sit and meditate in that position. Are there any other ways to practice meditation, f.e. standing or laying? Thank you in advance

—Linas, Lithuania


Hi Linas,

It is very important to keep the spine straight when you meditate. If you can meditate standing it is much better than laying down. When we lay down we normally go sub conscious so this should be done only if nothing else works. Walking meditation works for many people. You can share every experience with God as you walk and see His presence in every moment. If you can lean against a wall with a big stool that will work for a time. If you can suspend yourself from a swing that will work too. I just tried it in our playground and it felt fine. I will keep you in my prayers so that you find a way to practice. Meditation is such s blessing.