How to Overcome Laziness


My main problem is lazyness. When ever I try to overcome this problem it lasts for only few days. I am lacking the srength to overcome it. Please help me.

—sudhakar, India


Dear Sudhakar,

It is good that you are aware of your issue, and want to overcome it, as laziness is a great obstacle to success in life.

Laziness is unwillingness to put out energy. So the first step is to be willing to put out energy, in everything you do. Having the thought: I can and I will very strongly, releasing any negative thoughts from your mind.

To overcome laziness, you will need to apply will power. Will power is a desire plus energy directed towards fulfillment.

Start by choosing a small task that you want to accomplish, and plan carefully how to accomplish it. Generate all the energy that you can muster and directed it towards accomplishing the task.

Follow your plan, putting out your best efforts, until you have accomplished it. Doing so, will give you a sense of victory, and will motivate you to try another task, a little bigger.

Plan carefully each task, one at a time, and do your best to accomplish it. Strength is build by doing what you need to do, until it is accomplished. Do not give up, if at first you find it difficult. It takes time to overcome a habit. You need to persist in your efforts. Move forward steadily, one step at a time, and gradually you will overcome laziness.

Remember that willingness, generating energy, and putting your will behind your action until it is accomplish, are essential for success.

Associate with successful people, to influence you in positive ways. Read books about successful people, to motivate and inspire you.

Daily meditation, prayer, and using positive affirmations will help you very much.

I recommend that you read Paramhansa Yogananda’s book: How to be a Success.

Blessings in your journey to success,
Nayaswami Diksha