How to tell if your prayers are working


Dear Sir/Madam,

i have once wrote to about the distant healing and u have given a good lesson about that. But since I am not able to do it fully will u please help me.

My sister had an anxiety attack/nervous breakdown a year back. She tok all sorts of medicatio and all medical and spiritual help but she has not completely recoverd. She also got married in October 2009. . The dpression is affecting her married life. Please help.


—Dimple, India


We think that life is about pleasure and fulfillment. It is not. We are here for Self-realization. Some lifetimes include very difficult karmic lessons. Before we incarnate we see what we will have to face. The ego may shrink from the challenge when it actually comes, but the soul embraces it — joyfully, without hesitation.

Merely because your sister’s condition has not improved as much as you would like does not mean the healing and the prayers are not working. She is learning what she needs to learn in her own time and in her own way. If she is still suffering it is because this experience has more to teach her.

Do the healings that you have learned as well as you are able. Keep her surrounded in Divine Light.

Pray also that she be open to Divine wisdom, and that she have the courage and energy to face what she has to learn and overcome the karma that brought this to her in the first place. You can be very strong with God when you pray this way. Demand that He help your sister learn.

After that, you have to leave the results to God. Obviously, this karma is a heavy one for her. But all karma ends. She will break free. By God’s grace, it will be soon, but whether sooner or later all darkness is dispelled by Light.

And when your sister learns this lesson, what a sweet victory that will be.


Nayaswami Asha