The Importance of Trust in a Relationship


I’ve been married for the past 7 years or so to a man who is absolutely sweet,loving and caring.Everybody around me seems to really trust him.even though I’ve never tried to sneak up on my husband, I have continuously bumped into stuff that would not be acceptable to any wife so much so that now,at this point, I don’t trust him a only question is- can a relationship sustain without trust at all? Or should I just walk out of it?

—sandy, india


Dear Sandy,

You say you don’t trust your husband a bit. Have you discussed with him why you don’t trust him? I suggest you have this conversation if you haven’t already. As you have the conversation, watch closely to see how he responds. If he isn’t truthful with you, it will become apparent.

If he isn’t truthful, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to stay in relationship with someone who is absolutely sweet, loving and caring and yet not worthy of your trust.

All the best to you as you navigate your path ahead!