Is God Formless?


In his Autobiography, Parmahansaji raised a question about"when shall i find god".His Guru explained that "He had already found god -Ever new Joy is God". God is the universal consciousness, the ocean of bliss which can only be experienced.If this is true then how Paramahansaji was able to have an argument with God, talk or even see God(as GOD has no form whatsoever)

Doesn’t it Look contrary to each other.

Thanks Joy to You!

—Vaibhav Agarwal, India


Dear Vaibhav,

God is universal consciousness and the ocean of bliss. He is formless, but he can manifest Himself in any form.

He can appear to his devotee in the form of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, of other masters.

Jesus said in the bible: “I and my father are one.” Paramhansa Yogananda explained: “The Spirit within Jesus was one with the Infinite Spirit. He who is one with God, is God Himself. Hence, though God Himself is invisible, He can become manifest in the bodies of such great masters.”

Paramhansa Yogananda also explained that “God is both personal and impersonal. He is the Absolute, beyond form, but He also makes Himself manifest in many ways.

He is visible everwhere, in everything He has created, and in the workings of His intelligence governing all creation.

God cannot be bound by any form, even His personal aspect in the universe is also infinite.”

“The impersonal God cannot be described, or even understood with the intellect. The only way you can know the Absolute is to be one with Spirit.

It is only the personal God that you can think of or worship. Without a personal example of God’s divine qualities, we could not concieve of Him at all.

This is why the great ones such as Jesus were sent on earth. Though one with God, they have a body of bones and flesh. In this way, God takes a body at will to guide and inspire His children. But he cannot be confined to any one body because that would mean He is born and He dies, and therfore He would be limited, not limitless, and He would not be God.”

I hope that Paramhansa Yogananda’s explanation will help you to understand that there is no contradiction.


Nayaswami Diksha