Is It OK to Disagree with the Guru’s Teachings?


Is it allowed to disagree with something your Guru is teaching?

—Jolyon, Scandinavia


Dear Jolyon,

The relationship between a true guru and the discipleship is eternal.

Along the process, it will take time for the disciple to understand the true meaning of all of the guru’s teachings. As the disciple mature spiritually, he starts to have deeper understanding of the guru’s teachings, and follows them implicitly.

It is OK not to agree with something of the guru’s teachings. More important is to keep your heart open to your guru’s guidance and to pray to your guru to help you understand the deeper meaning of what you don’t agree with. Keep meditating on it and try to see if gradually you can get clarity. You can discuss the matter with another mature and wise disciple, and that can help you get clarity on the matter.

The most important thing is to stay in tune with your guru and love him, inwardly, even when you disagree.