Is Karma Inescapable?


As per my experience law of karma is the biggest unbreakable force of universe.It is more powerful than kriya yoga & even the will of god.No matter how regularly & constantly you practice kriya yoga,how close you are to guru,no matter what is the will of god but atlast the law of karma wins the race.It grabs you and carry you away as per your karma. what is your say on this topic dear spiritual friends?

—k, india


Dear K,

You are quite right that karma is a powerful force in this world, seemingly as unavoidable as Newton’s law of action and reaction.

But how could it be stronger than the will of God, Who created the law of karma? No, God can override that law anytime, as can a guru who is one with (and thus no different from) God.

Yet God does not seem to want to override our karma-at least, not very often. Why? God devised the law of karma as a way to teach us which actions bring us closer to God, and which ones take us away from God. It is like touching a hot stove: the karmic pain we feel is an important lesson; without it, we might destroy our own hands. Similarly on the spiritual level, without such a law, how would we ever find our way back to God amid the countless distractions of this world? Karma is a divine blessing, a gift from God. As Swami Kriyananda has said, the law of karma is an expression of divine love. Quite an interesting way to look at it!

Yes, as long as we are truly of this world-i.e., as long as we remain ego-identified with the body and personality-we must experience the karmic results of our actions (unless God or guru intervenes). Therefore our task is to break that identification, and thereby no longer be of this world, even though we may live in this world. And God will help us with that.

As for Kriya Yoga, it is a supreme means of getting out of the ego, and thus escaping karma. Until we reach the blessed stage, however, karma will affect us even though we practice Kriya.

One more point: As we grow stronger spiritually, even though our karma still comes back to us, it won’t affect us to the same degree as it would have when we first performed those actions, because we are larger than we were before. It is an important thing to remember.

We must have a healthy respect-even gratitude-for the power of the law of karma, but we must also realize that the soul is ultimately beyond all outward law. The sooner we realize our own divine nature as the soul, the sooner we will transcend the karmic law and claim our true heritage as God’s children.

Blessings on your quest,