Is the Year 2012 the End or a Beginning?


Sir, we are in year 2012 and everywhere there are talks of apocalypse and possible end of the world on 26 Dec 2012. I had read one of the chapters in "The Divine Love" where Yoganadaji had given a speech on end of the world and going by the contents I dont think anything catestrophic will happen in 2012. Year everyone is apprehensive of the same. What do you think would possible happen oon 26th Dec 2012



—Nethra, India


Dear Nethra,

I don’t expect anything catastrophic to happen when the Mayan calendar turns over and starts the next 144,000 day baktun cycle, the 13th of a possible 20 on December 21, 2012 any more than it did when our calendar turned over a new millennium a few years ago.

While some are expecting the end of the world, many others regard it as a time of a glorious new beginning. My hope is that people who are ready to make bold positive changes will feel that the time has come to act.

My studies of the yugas according to Sri Yukteswar confirm that we are already in the midst of a time of great change. The conflicts in the world today are at their essence the battle between the positive forces moving us toward the Dwapara Yuga and those forces that would try to keep the world in the lower consciousness of Kali Yuga. The energy of Dwapara together with the darkness of Kali is a volatile mixture and may well reach a violent ignition point. I liken it to the way an incandescent light bulb sometimes burns out with a brilliant flash.

Sri Yukteswar placed the shift between the twilight of Kali and the dawn of Dwapara at 1700 AD and entrance into the full influence of Dwapara in 1900. Now we are some 300 years into a Dwapara Yuga that will last a total of 2400 years.

Sri Yukteswar writes that when most people are in the Dwapara consciousness then the world is in Dwapara Yuga. I take that to imply that we each have a responsibility to raise our consciousness and, by attuning ourselves to Dwapara, help bring the world truly into the new age.

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Byasa Steinmetz