How to be Joyful and Energetic During Chronic Illness


How can we remain calm ,joyfull and full of energy during bad chronic illness time, that give us problem during meditation and practices? Avoiding bad thoughts, anxiety and sadness?

And always be a good disciple on bad time?

thank you! with love, Riccardo

—Riccardo, Italy


Dear Riccardo,

Although our true nature is the ever-joyful soul, chronic illness can make it very difficult to be joyful and full of energy. Then the question becomes, “If I can’t be as full of energy and joy as I would like, what can I do?” Here are a few ideas:

First, practice being full of energy and joy before illness comes. Then if illness comes, you will already have a strong habit of being energetic and joyful.

Second, if illness comes, do not say “I am ill” or “I have a disease.” Instead, say “My body has an illness, but I am well.” Do not identify with the body.

Third, try to find some joy inside you—even a little bit—and better still, express that joy outwardly. It will have a big impact on your state of mind, your health, and the people around you. How to do this? Find inspiring books and movies about saints or people who have overcome difficulties. Laughter is healing on many levels, so find funny books and movies. Do something creative. All these things can help very much.

Fourth, try not to think, “This shouldn’t be happening.” It is no use to argue with reality. Instead cultivate the attitude of “I am a sincere disciple, and God/Guru knows what is best for me. So if this is happening, then it must be best for me. Therefore I accept it and am grateful for it.” Yes, it is difficult to feel grateful when illness comes, but even a little bit of this attitude will be very helpful for you.

Finally, give the situation to Divine Mother. Ask Her to give you the strength you need to get through it. Keep God as present as possible in your thoughts and feelings. When you have God in your heart, difficulties become easier.