Knee Problems in Meditation


Practising HONG-SAU Technique. Cannot sit long because of my knee joint pain. and after the practice feel sleepy. But it gives me a beautiful peace. Is it ok? Sleepy feeling will remain or go out shortly?



Dear Papri,

I assume that you are sitting cross-legged on the floor, yes? Well, it sounds like it is now time to start sitting on a chair in order to let your meditation time increase yet keep your knees happy. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on a chair; you can still go deep in meditation. Yoganandaji often taught people to meditate while sitting on a chair.

As for sleepiness, it’s never a good thing during meditation. Ideally you wouldn’t be sleepy afterward, either, but it depends on when you are meditating. If it’s just before bed, then sleepiness might be more likely. To avoid sleepiness, I suggest that you focus on erect posture and full attention on your practice during Hong-Sau. Do the Energization Exercises beforehand, with enthusiasm; that will help a lot. Then during Hong-Sau, practice with the feeling of being very awake and deeply interested in what you’re doing, yet relaxed at the same time. Keep your chest comfortably lifted, and your gaze as well. Don’t ever let sleepiness creep into the meditations themselves, because it’s one of the most insidious habits there is. Get out of it now, before it becomes entrenched.