How to Learn More About Ananda


I am interested in learning more about this faith. I used to have some links to free lessons, I have gained the link to the books, however I thought there used to be daily assignments to help you work toward initiation. Bless you for your time, and information.


—Candie, USA


Dear Candie,

The best way to know more about the teachings we at Ananda share and live is to follow the tried and true progressive course lessons of our Ananda Course in Self-Realization.

As you’ve already discovered by visiting our websites and reading our books, the teachings of Yogananda are personal and at the same time universal. It is based on what the Indians call Sanatan Dharma, or the eternal religion. More than religion, however, it is a way of life, applicable for day-to-day life challenges, as Paramhansa Yogananda said, in order to be able to fight the battle of life, to find true happiness.

As the Ananda Course Director I can assure you they are meant to not only inspire but to generate an understanding and energy of those qualities that God is not only around us but in us. It’s experiential and if you follow our progressive steps from the first Ananda Course in Meditation through the final 5th step of Kriya Yoga, you’ll discover and enjoy powerful and subtle practices and techniques to serve you throughout your life.

I suggest you visit our Ananda Course home page to read more details about signing up for The Ananda Course, whether by traditional books or online. Should you decide to begin the studies, I and our Ananda Sangha staff of yogis and ministers offer guidance with quizzes, discussions and personal support. You may contact me personally if you choose.

Here’s the link for more information and registering for our study-at-home course: Ananda Course in Self-Realization.

Joy to you, Candie!

Nayaswami Premdas