Is Krishna the Supreme God?


Is Krishna supreme god? I have read in in the Vedas, oldest book on the planet, that Krishna is God. Is this true? Is Krishna supreme god and cause of all causes? Do all incarnations of God come from him, like Jesus, Buddha, etc....please explain

—Saksham Anand, india


Dear Saksham anand,

The soul that incarnated as Krishna was an avatar; hence that soul was (and is) one with God. The souls that incarnated as other avatars (Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, and many more) have attained the same level of realization as the soul that incarnated as Krishna. They did not “come from” the soul that was Krishna, nor did the soul that was Krishna “come from” them. They all came from the same one God of all.

It is confusing and not valid to equate God with individual souls. God has become all souls, whether avatars or not. Best simply to say that Krishna attained oneness with God, Buddha attained oneness with God, Jesus attained oneness with God, etc. They are all equal in realization; there is nothing further to attain. Their individuality continues to exist in that devotees can invoke any one of those souls, but in essence, they are all one.