Kundalini Awakening



I've gone through a very difficult kundalini awakening, I didn't know what to call it at the beginning. So many things happened I can't expand on it all, most is settled now. I have one last symptom or continuing experience. When I have thoughts I have responses to them that are visual thoughts - ie. when I think of career it is my right ring finger that comes to mind, sometimes it is passing a hand over my hair, its extraordinary consistent with emotions. Any thoughts on this?

—Stephanie, Canada


Dear Stephanie,

I’m glad to hear you’re past the difficult part, and things are settling down for you. It seems to me that the overall experience has affected the circuitry of your subtle body – as though some “inner wires” have been put into contact with each other in this unusual fashion, whereas ordinarily, they wouldn’t be contacting each other. This essentially creates a new circuit, with the result that you have some out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Will this symptom persist? If the kundalini experience is indeed over, it’s likely that the symptom will fade in time as your body and mind re-normalize.

In any case, don’t read into this a great deal of significance. These things happen, and sometimes they’re stranger than what’s going on with you. The best approach with spiritual experiences is simply to offer them back to God, with the thought, “This came from You, and I give it back to You. Whatever comes to me in life, it is due to Your grace, and I will neither fear it nor reject it nor glory in it nor become attached to it. I want to be attached only to You.”