Light in Meditation


Actually I do regular meditation at my third eye point.I am seeing golden light everyday there.The light stays there for 15-20 minutes during my meditation.Its like I am not able to keep my eyes steady for long. Please help me!! What should I do

—Akshay, India


Dear Akshay,

Congratulations to you for meditating daily and seeing light in your meditations. You mention you have a difficult time focusing your gaze on the light for more than 15-20 minutes and need help with continued focus and concentration on the light.

Several suggestions may be helpful to your practice of meditation and focusing on the inner light:

1) Maintain a state of deep relaxation and absorption, feeling effortlessly drawn in to the light rather than straining your gaze on it.

2) Feel your guru guiding you in to the light. Feel his presence powerfully inside of you for he truly is as much as you are willing to receive him!

3) Continue practicing your daily meditations until you become the light! All that is required is your daily willingness and perseverance to never give up.

In loving Divine Friendship,