Living Your Dharma


I am 32 years and running a small chocolate business.

I have loved to help people in any sort of need and feel so strongly about this desire that I feel helpless as I have limited funds to help them. I feel it’s my soul’s calling.

I feel like working hard so that I could generate enormous funds to help lot of people in the world. I want to know since this thought process is uncommon among my friends I hope I am in the right direction.

—Shweta, India


Dear Schweta,

I applaud your love of helping people. Our world needs that spirit very much.

When you feel that something is your soul’s calling, it is important to explore it with full energy. At the same time, keep in mind that God might have something else in mind for you, once you have traveled some distance in that direction. So move strongly in the direction of your dreams, while staying receptive to God’s further instructions and possible course corrections. All the while, don’t worry about what others think of your aspirations; listen to their input if they give it — especially input from those whom you respect — but above all, listen to your own heart.

And remember: The souls who help people the most in this world — Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda, and many others — rarely “generate enormous funds.” They help in a deeper way. It might indeed be your dharma to make huge financial contributions to needy people, but you can help people in other ways as well.

Nayaswami Gyandev